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It appears that all types of consumers, both individual and industrial are becoming more concerned and aware about the effects of global warming and climate change. As demands change, many firms see these changes as an opportunity to be exploited. 

  • Towards green marketing

    We perceive environmental marketing to be an opportunity that can be used to gain a competitive advantage.
    Competitors environmental activities pressure firms to change their environmental marketing activities.
    Cost factors associated with waste disposal, energy consumption, etc.

  • Promoting Greentech

    Green marketing is too often associated with the mere publication of a Social Environmental Report. The environmental activity and the marketing campaign are usualy executed by different entities knowing very little about each other and too often marketing concentrates on the promotion of a finished product.
    We work in a very different way. By developing the "green concept" first (green product or green process) and then selecting the appropriate environmental project. 

Our expertise in both marketing and carbon management is unique and help us to develop both attractive and innovative solutions, promoting not only our client's environmental activities but providing their customers with tangible evidence of those activities such as green tickets, CO2 warranties, green retail cards etc.

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